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10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Share Advice for Businesses Experiencing Problems Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

BALTIMORE, MD / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2020 / The COVID-19 pandemic and recent unrest going on across the world has caused a lot of businesses to call it quits. Apart from this, the unemployment rate in countries such as the United States has skyrocketed and more people have been left out on the streets than at any time in recorded history.

Now more than ever, entrepreneurs are yearning for advice to help give their businesses the jolt of life required to keep things sturdy. This is why we’ve curated a list of entrepreneurs who we know are making a difference in their various industries this period.

This article spotlights these individuals, their achievements so far, and their personal thoughts on running a thriving business. Let’s have a look.

-Brian Choi:

Instagram: b.ico

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but Brian Choi sure makes it look like it is. At the age of 14, he launched his first business where he bought old iPhones, fixed it, then sold it for a profit. Over the years, he has launched a lot of businesses. But currently, Brian Choi specializes in Credit repair, credit funding, as well as having a mentorship program for people who are serious about learning in-depth on Credit.

The mentorship program teaches his clients how to leverage their credit to build passive incomes as well as investing in new streams of income. He currently has over 100 students in his program. And His mission is to help 10,000 people fix their credit as well as leverage their credit to invest into new income streams.

One of Brian Choi’s biggest accomplishments was making 6 figures right before he was 24. He has failed on countless occasions. But that never stopped him from aiming for more.

Currently, Brian’s mission is to help the next 10,000 people fix their credit and he’ll stop at nothing until he has achieved that mission.

Special advice on COVID-19 for businesses;

“My advice for young entrepreneurs such as myself during this pandemic would be to seriously utilize this time of “stay at home” and invest in knowledge. Get that first book you’ve always wanted to buy and read it. Nothing in life is a mistake.

It’s a lesson. Always think of mistakes as lessons because if you weep on the past, you’ll never have time for the present which makes your future uncertain.”

-Tyler the Hypnotist:

Instagram: tylerthehypnotist

Tyler the Hypnotist is a personal development hypnotist who’s changed the lives of over a thousand local and international clients. Throughout his life, Tyler experienced pain and regret. He was too shy to ask for the things he wanted and was too afraid to leave the comforting allure of conformity. It wasn’t until he attended a hypnosis event that he realized that the entire world was in pain.

At the event, he saw successful individuals, who were undoubtedly more confident than he was, break down in tears. At that moment, he allowed himself to feel the world’s pain. The pain was coming from all the individuals who wore masks of happiness while they were being torn apart from the inside. That pain allowed him to make a decision and answer his calling.

Ever since that day, he has healed over 1400 people of whatever painful experiences they’ve had and trained over 900 hypnotists online by revealing the secrets of hypnosis to them; he can teach anybody this art.

Special advice On COVID-19 For businesses;

“Covid-19 separated real business people from the ones who got lucky. Just like any other time, there are companies that are thriving and companies that are dying. set the intention to thrive and execute along that thought process. What problems are especially prevalent now that you can offer a solution to and get paid?”

-Taylor Ping

Instagram: q_tay

Taylor Ping is a 23-year-old serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, California now based in Arizona. She’s the founder of Ann Access Agency, a media development company specializing in viral marketing. Her newest company Deadgal offers luxury press-on nail sets that enable women to apply custom made nails at home within minutes.

While studying for her Business Law degree in college, Taylor was working an internship with an in-house lawyer for a company believing this path was how life for most young people starting out looked like.

She quickly realized she had so much more to offer, and her vision and drive led her to drop out of college, and grow her first company, Ann Access Agency, which cultivated a rolodex of thousands of influencers with over 18 million+ reach and worked with top content creators and brands such as Ignite, Paradise Challenge, MadeMan, Vapen, and Blacktape.

It is ground for new business models to adapt and all of Taylor’s time is being put into her new company Deadgal that enables women to achieve impeccable nails from home within minutes without having to go to a salon.

Special advice On COVID-19 For businesses;

“It’s a unique time in the business world right now so learning to adapt will provide any business and entrepreneur with the opportunity to become recession-proof.”

-Reece Larkin

Instagram: reece_larkin

Reece Larkin is a 24-year-old serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses across the social media marketing industry. In 2016, he founded Blackcorn, a global digital marketing firm that specializes in social media and PR.

Reece is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the digital world and he has built himself a team of experts who know how to best leverage their collective extensive experience to create thought-provoking, go-to marketing strategies that command success. Reece explains that Blackcorn is a digital pioneer, a firm constantly evolving in this ever-changing digital landscape. This ensures that it becomes an invaluable asset to help all its clients establish fool-proof campaigns so they can realize their business goals.

So far, Reece has achieved a lot in his career. He has become one of the top sellers on Fiverr in just 2 years. He has also clocked up clients internationally resulting in a staggering 14,000 clients and a turnover of $1,000,000. Reece is also proud to have created such an innovative firm as Blackcorn.

Reece is currently working with a network of upcoming hip hop artists and helping grow their online social media presence. He’s doing this by harnessing the power of social media giants TikTok and Instagram.

Special advice On COVID-19 For businesses;

“Remember that this too will pass and we will become stronger because of this. Businesses build strong reputations in the hard times, never the easy times.”

-Castell J.R. Barnes

Instagram: cjrbarnes

Castell J.R. Barnes is an entrepreneur of Afro-Cuban & Jamaican descent. His love for culture, people, writing, branding, speaking, and StratOps has served as his guide throughout his time as the Co-Founder of GRTR Management.

GRTR Management is a creative consultancy that focuses on securing branding and speaking partnerships. GRTR Management has left its mark on continents such as North America, The Caribbean, and Europe. They’ve also worked with global business titans such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Disney, and The Brooklyn Nets.

Castell’s achievements so far have toppled his imagination. He shares that his greatest achievements would be the time he launched his first book and landed his first paying client. So far he has gone on to set numerous records such as speaking at over 50 engagements, scaled two massive companies, and working on over 40 projects that all equate to over 50MM+ on budget spend.

Right now, Castell and his team are in the process of releasing their first podcast episode, starting an educational and business investment fund, and securing their first big financial branding partner. The GRTR Management team is also working on the release of Castell’s Co-Founder’s new children’s book series.

Special advice during COVID-19 for businesses:

“As we all push through COVID-19, I would first urge businesses to prioritize the holistic health of their employees. After organizations are able to get a solid hold on their teams’ well-being, I would advise that they cut down on any extra operational fat by zoning in on their top income-driven products or services. This is a great time to not only connect emotionally with consumers but creatively re-introduce or upgrade what your company is known for.

As a bonus, I would recommend that companies convert their offerings to live online (at least 50%) and get up to speed with data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Technology as we know it is not only here to stay, but it will increasingly determine how we engage with clients and run profitable businesses in the years to come.”

-Jess Glazer

Instagram: Jess.glazer

After 8 years of working as an elementary school physical education teacher, Jess Glazer left her comfortable job to pursue her side hustle of personal training and online health coaching.

In just two years, Jess turned her once “cute side hustle” into a million dollar coaching business and has helped hundreds of clients create millions in revenue for themselves. She specializes in course creation, social media strategy, organic marketing, lead generation, sales, and online business buildout. Jess also created two signature courses that help entrepreneurs start and scale their business into multiple six figures. The courses come fully stocked with a team of coaches including an in house accountant, lawyer, tech wizard, and mindset coach.

She explains that her mission is to cause a ripple effect and inspire change for generations to come; making a massive impact and leaving a lasting legacy beyond her singular actions. This Noble cause has gotten her featured on major outlets such as Forbes, The Today Show, Good Day New York, and The New York Post

Currently, Jess and her team are working on creating an online certification program where coaches can come and not only learn how to start/run an online business, but actually become certified in their signature proven method of coaching/teaching. The long term vision for this is to build out a fully functioning online university with a variety of departments and instructors; a one-stop-shop for your business blueprint in a box.

Special advice On COVID-19 For businesses;

“I would advise businesses to lean into what their clients are really wanting and needing right now and to be open to pivoting and understanding that there is opportunity everywhere. What worked before may not work right now and this is the time to get creative and take risks. Think of new ways to create your old income (and more).

Remember, your income is a direct reflection of your impact; so ask yourself how you can make a bigger impact. This is also a great time to step into affiliate marketing to create more income and gain more exposure. Lastly, don’t lower your prices, but rather revise and restructure your offers & deliverables.”

-Abdelkader Bachr

Instagram: abdoobachr

Abdelkader Bachr, Also known as Abdoobachr, is a 24-year-old entrepreneur and marketing specialist. Apart from this Abdoobachr is also the brains behind numerous marketing agencies that help small businesses and firms achieve their digital campaign goals.

Abdoobachr is a sought after professional and has proven that by earning well over $100,000 a month. He’s done this by leveraging the power of digital marketing.

Achieving this level of success wasn’t easy. Abdoobachr has had his fair share of difficulties. Back when he was a newbie in digital marketing Abdoobachr found it hard to stand out in his industry. At first, he didn’t have a specific niche. He also struggled with lack of experience and self-doubt.

However, Abdoobachr managed to overcome this by working on improving his skills and plotting out his target niche market. Over time, he became one of the most sought after experts in his industry.

Currently, Abdoobachr is striving to reach seven figures monthly and forge partnerships with larger firms.

Special advice On COVID-19 For businesses;

Don’t ever give up, no matter how tough it gets. Realize the importance of networking to build business relationships and get those all-important referrals.

-Kenneth Ervin

Instagram: @maykenhistory

Kenneth Ervin is the Founder of Champion Digital Solutions (CDS), a full-service digital marketing agency that is passionate about encouraging and assisting clients with their brand in order to fulfill their ultimate visions and create a plan of action.

Champions Digital Solutions has a saying, “Champions do daily, what underachievers do occasionally.” Which is why at CDS, the focus is on driving business-oriented results and bringing those results into the spotlight with their many services. The services include website development, graphic designing, and all-around tactical marketing and brand management.

Kenneth Ervin has had the opportunity to work with various brands and entrepreneurs from all over the world. He believes in networking and building genuine relationships that span above race, country, and religion.

Currently, Kenneth and his team are planning on releasing a Covid-19 relief plan to their clients that will focus on helping their businesses thrive during this pandemic. Also, during these horrific times, Kenneth and his team will continue to be a voice in support of the African Americans that have been killed by a system that was designed to protect and serve them.

Special advice On COVID-19 For businesses;

“My advice to businesses during this pandemic and social injustice is to keep believing in what you have built! Continue to love what you are doing, work hard, and network with people. The results that you want will come together piece by piece without you even noticing and once it comes, put some more work in!”

-Cameron Moore

Instagram: flaunt_body

Cameron Moore is an inspiring entrepreneur who has an educational and professional background in finance and management. Apart from this, Cameron holds a Masters of Arts in interior design.

Cameron is also the founder of Flaunt Body, a firm that offers versatile, unisex and effortless skincare & personal grooming products. What sets Flaunt Body apart is its focus on niche skin concerns.

They create products that respond to skin concerns with alternative products, provide inclusive solutions and offer travel-friendly solutions for active and fast-paced lifestyles. So far, the firm has achieved a lot of amazing feats; in 2019, Flaunt Body’s introductory product won Indie Beauty Expo’s Best In Show Award, within its first three months of launching.

Flaunt Body is currently working on it’s second product launch, as well as developing best practices to become more environmentally sustainable. From the way they source ingredients to shipping methods and packaging.

Special advice On COVID-19 For businesses;

“Now is not the time for business as usual. Owners have to navigate to the best of their abilities to be resilient, resourceful, adaptive and put people at the forefront. What has worked for us is asking our community what they want to see and hear from us.

This invaluable feedback created dialogue for what people want and need right now. It allowed us to adjust to the needs of our community and opened the gate for some great collaborations and relationship building.”

-Justin Sides Jr.

Instagram: Justinsidesjr

Justin Sides Jr. is a nineteen-year-old entrepreneur who grew up in a small town situated in Northern California. Justin was raised in an entrepreneurial environment by his parents until they passed when he was thirteen.

As a child brought up with the entrepreneurial spirit, Justin picked up some side hustles in high school. He started with repairing iPhones for extra cash and then moved on to eCommerce with the earnings he’d gotten. Justin quickly scaled his eCommerce business to $40,000 within its first few months.

At some point, Justin realized that he had exceptional ads management skills. So he decided to help other individuals run their social media ads and achieve the same results that he got with his eCommerce store.

Justin went on to create BLU marketing agency, a firm that assists its clients in their digital marketing campaigns and digital footprint growth. Today, BLU marketing agency is one of the most sought after firms in its industry.

Special advice On COVID-19 For businesses;

“Right now, the only thing you should be is relentless. Relentless action will keep you from stagnation. You should also embrace the failures you experience now and learn from them. Lastly, be radically open-minded as this will let you absorb new ideas that will help take your business to the next level.”


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