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How Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Taylor Ping’s Success Story

What began as a budding idea was nurtured into her business plans and she set out to put in the hard work and dedication that ensured her plans came into fruition. Taylor Ping’s road to success and career independence is one that anybody who looks to grow as an entrepreneur will be proud to emulate.  

Taylor is an established entrepreneur and the founder of the PR media company, Hierarchy Media. Taylor Ping, born in Redwood City, California, and moved throughout Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, and Los Altos. She now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where her companies Ann Access and Hierarchy Media are based.

Her brand, Hierarchy Media, is a PR and media development company that also serves as a community platform for other entrepreneurs, public figures, and innovators to reach millions of people every month. 

How did Taylor Ping start off?

From a young age, Taylor is a person who always felt the need to follow her passion and love for business. She always knew what she wanted and that was to become an entrepreneur that will help to build a service, platform, and product that assists others positively.

“I have always felt a powerful force urging me to keep following my love for business and at a young age, I knew there was no other option for me but to pursue what I knew would be the only way to feel fulfilled in the business aspect of my life,” Taylor says.

Although it was not a straight dive into the business world, Taylor had to succumb first to her family tradition of pushing through college and climbing the corporate ladder. She got into college to pursue a degree in business law with the aim of going to law school and becoming a family lawyer. However, this plan fell through because the desire was not burning enough to see her go through. Taylor had to take a deep reflection on her career and she decided to follow her initial passion in business.

“I had gotten to point where I was meeting other entrepreneurs and company owner that drove me to dig deep and realize that I needed to follow my guts and my passion, learn and build my own company,” She says.

During this change of career path, Taylor Ping acted as an independent contractor by providing business insights and plans for friends and entrepreneurs on how to actualize growth in their businesses. Taylor had to multitask by getting involved in several business ventures like Social Media Marketing Director, Event Director, Media Growth and Sales Executor, and so on. 

“I wore many hats because I was always a one-woman show, I was overseeing and directing multiple things by directing events for brand exposure, social media campaigns, and building my network of like-minded models,” Taylor explains.

The aim was to furnish her business skills and find her feet in the business world by developing her own private system for people of all different talents and desire to grow within a lot of people who would never have connected ordinarily.   

All through Taylor’s business growth, she created a niche for herself as being the network where anyone can come to get connected with the right people that are essential for their brands’ development. She ensured that her network of creatives was almost endless because it will give entrepreneurs the chance to reach a wider number of people.


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