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Taylor Ping was born on February 6, 1997 in Redwood City , California . He is best known for Hierarchy Media, of which he is the founder and chairman of the board. He was featured on the cover of L’OFFICIAL India magazine as “Entrepreneur in Action” in June 2021.

He left his university education in 2015 to build his career. He started to operate in the fields of business management and media. Initially, he worked as a campaign director, event director, marketing consultant, media manager, sales manager. After Dan Bilzerian founded the drug company Ignite, he began working with the public relations and marketing department to organize and manage events. He established his first company ” Ann Access Agency LLC ” to provide services to companies to show his experience and business knowledge . The company later changed its name to ” Hierarchy Media “.

In the following time, he worked with people such as Bryce Cleveland, CEO of Scalpa, The Black Tape Project, CEO of Graffiti Mansion Arman Izadi, Joe Biden , Tesla CEO Elon Musk . It operates in areas such as new initiatives, brands, management of organizations such as election campaigns, television programs and so on.

America Endeavor received the ” Entrepreneur of the Year ” award after supporting new ventures and entrepreneurs and gathering 9,000 people under one roof .

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