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Taylor Ping

Taylor Ping (born February 6, 1997) is a American entrepreneur, advocate for women’s entrepreneurship, educator, and public relationship and media development manager. Ping has gain a reputation with her work as the CEO and the founder of the Hierarchy Media.

She has worked with international entrepreneurs and brands such as Bryce Cleveland, CEO of Scalpa, and high-profile media stars like The Black Tape Project, Arman Izadi, CEO of Graffiti Mansion, and more.

She was featured on the June 2021 cover of L’OFFICIEL INDIA as the ‘Entrepreneur on the Go’.

Early Life & Education

Taylor Ping was born in Redwood City, California, and moved throughout the Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, and Los Altos.

She attended college at Arizona State University for business law.

At 19 years old, she left college to pursue her passion for business and media. Her first notable campaigns were events where she found herself performing various roles as an event director, marketing consultant, media, and sales manager. She worked with the PR and marketing department on events for celebrity Dan Bilzerian’s launch of his cannabis company, Ignite. She started her first company Ann Access Agency LLC. where she provided her services as an independent contractor.


Ping has built a community on Instagram with the Hierarchy Media brand, spanning over 100, 000 members to help grow their business careers.

She has grown Hierarchy Media to five divisions, all of which are built symbiotically, allowing her clients to reach each end of the spectrum of notability.[8] Her craftsmanship has brought clients over 25 million views per month to their accounts and generated hundreds and millions of views altogether.

Her business philosophy is built upon helping other businesses and individuals grow, and her passion for her work has enthralled all of those in the industry looking for PR representation.

In 2020, Taylor Ping co-founded Deadgal LLC, which sells Amazon’s Top Choice Nail Glue.

Taylor Ping’s knack for branding individuals authentically and helping others find their ‘authentic voice’ goes far beyond her company’s mission.[11] She is a spokesperson for all women aspiring to find success in business and empowers those that have not had the mentorship to get started. Her work has impacted thousands of women across the globe and resulted in hundreds of thousands of women joining her community engagement groups.

Taylor is currently writing a self-hosted celebrity podcast being released in Spring 2022. She is in the process of creating training programs for cryptocurrency and an iPhone Master Design Class, where she aims to help people and aspiring business owners to get started in these niches.

Personal Life

Ping enjoys spending quality time with her younger brother and her parents. She is active in Muay Thai Kickboxing and has traveled across the world. She holds her heritage close to her heart and keeps her Chinese and Japanese family cultures as an important factor in her life.

She has worked with international entrepreneurs and brands such as Bryce Cleveland, CEO of Scalpa, and high-profile media stars like The Black Tape Project, Arman Izadi, CEO of Graffiti Mansion and more. She is hands-on with developing entrepreneurs, brands and corporate clients, but has built a platform and community of over 10,000 ambitious women furthering their business careers.

Ping is well-known for her work with the PR media company, Hierarchy Media, of which she is the founder and CEO. She has grown Hierarchy Media into 5 divisions, all of which build upon one another, allowing her to work with clients on each end of the spectrum of notability. Her craftmanship has brought clients over 25M eyes within a month to their accounts and hundreds of millions of exposure across all her clients combined.

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