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PR Secrets - Get National Media Coverage For Your Business Through PR and Media

A PR course that has the inside scoop on how connections can be made, media impressions crafted, content published and more!

PR is one of those things that everyone thinks they do well. I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. PR is not the same thing as social media, and it’s important to know the difference and why you should utilize both.

Why PR is so powerful?
  • PR is the best way to reach your target audience. It’s a powerful way for you to connect with people and build relationships.
  • PR helps you generate interest in your business, product or service. It helps you get your brand out there and into the minds of people who may not have heard about it before.
  • PR help turn strangers into customers, retain existing ones and grow your brand awareness and influence.

Today it is clear that both large companies and small business owners of startup firms need PR to be successful in their ventures. If a company does not know how to market its brand in the media and get its name out there, the chances of them staying afloat and becoming a household name are slim.

This is why it is paramount for companies to understand what PR is, the importance it holds in a company’s marketing strategy, and what steps to take if they want to start using PR themselves.

The takeaway here is that you shouldn’t rely on a single marketing strategy. Instead, utilize all the marketing strategies that can benefit your business to achieve your business goals. These strategies should overlap and work together to complement each other–just don’t depend on any one aspect alone to break through the noise.

Our PR course will teach you how to work with great press and media outreach. You’ll learn how to get the attention of journalists, get featured in major publications, and drive tons of traffic to your website.

All-in-One course that will help you scale your business
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PR Secrets - Get National Media Coverage For Your Business Through PR and Media

We’ve helped businesses and brands get their vehicle in front of the right media outlets, at just the right time.

At the heart of every successful brand is an understanding of how to use Public Relations, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization to its greatest advantage. The techniques used in these areas are extremely valuable, but they’re also well guarded trade secrets that businesses don’t want to share with anyone–for good reason. We’ll not only show you the step-by-step process to reach your target audience, journalists, and influencers. We will also tell you the secrets to leveraging PR, Social Media, and SEO!

This PR course will help you better understand and embrace the latest tools and tactics to get ahead of the daily news cycle, disrupt their competition, and win more business.

Storytelling that attracts unlimited opportunities

Storytelling. It’s a powerful thing isn’t it? You can write a great story, but if nobody reads it, or worse yet, nobody gives a sh** about your story, then it’s just another PDF that sits on an otherwise empty shelf.

Do you ever wonder:

● Why some people are so good at storytelling?

● Why are so many businesses and PR professionals fascinated by stories?

● Why does the mass loves businesses and brands that have great stories?

It is not a talent. It is a skill.

It can be learned and it can be enhanced. This course will help you become a great storyteller that attracts unlimited opportunities through a step-by-step method. Taylor Ping, the mastermind of the PR and Media Industry has created one of the most comprehensive PR courses online. You’ll learn how to get your company’s story out to massive audiences, get the attention of journalists, get featured in top publications, drive tons of traffic to your website, and learn an amazing amount of insider tips and tricks to grow your business!

What You Get From A High-Level Perspective

The PR secrets that are typically never available to the public:

What You’ll Learn


Maximizing the Power of Public Relations


PR Channels


Writing & Optimization


News Angles & Storylines


Media Relations